Hero Way Strength and Conditioning/FADDA Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Rules to follow regarding children:

1. If you have an infant and you are not directly employed by our business, your child is only allowed in the gym with you while they can remain securely fastened in their carseat. They cannot be on the floor. Once they can move around, you will need to make other arrangements.

2. If you have an older child, we have an area up front with a table and chairs where they can sit to work or play, but ONLY if they are able to sit there and not move around equipment. If you bring a child in, and you are not directly employed by our business, they should be at the table only and escorted to the bathroom and back by their guardian as needed.

3. If you have an infant or child that is having a problem or crying, please take your child outside to handle the situation out of respect for everyone in the gym.

4. All children who are participating in Jiu Jitsu classes should follow a set path as directed by the instructor to and from the water fountains and bathrooms. They should not touch or climb on any gym equipment at any time.

We understand life and want to be as supportive to you in your journey as we possibly can be. These rules are in place to give the maximum support to our gym members as we can safely. If these rules are not followed, you may be asked to leave and we may have to move to a more strict, "no kids allowed" policy, but we do not anticipate it will have to come to that.

Thank you all for understanding the importance and need for this reevaluation and enforcement of rules already in place!